A new crop of South African Clemen Gold has officially entered the Chinese market

China is a big consumer of oranges and tangerines. South Africa’s Clemen Gold perfectly complements the Chinese market during a slack period during the summer months. The new season of

Clemen Gold has officially started
On July 15, Fruit Day and Clemen Gold jointly hosted a press conference to inspect South African Clemen Gold and celebrate its arrival in the Chinese market. Mr. Abraham van Rooyen, founder of Clemen Gold, shared a video online in which he wished the best for this cooperation. Ms. Huang Jing, spokesperson for Fruit Day and City Supermarket Fruit Supply Chain, and various honored guests were on hand to attend the official opening of the 2021 Clemen Gold season together.

Clemen Gold founder Mr Abraham van Rooyen shared his best wishes in an online video

Clemen Gold enjoys abundant sunshine in South Africa and meets all consumer expectations for this tangerine. The producers of Clemen Gold have specifically selected 60 farms in South Africa with a total area of ​​over 4,000 hectares where more than 1,400 employees work hard to ensure four months of steady supply each year.

The 2021 Clemen Gold season has officially started

Clemen Gold is a premium fruity product and therefore goes through a strict selection process. Only about 15-20% of ripe fruit is selected and then packaged under the name Clemen Gold. All mandarins are naturally ripened, their color is uniform and their sweetness is very high (around 12% and above). Plus, the sweet and sour flavors are perfectly balanced in this thick-skinned tangerine variety.

Brand formation can quickly open up the Chinese market for Clemen Gold

ANB Investments, a South African company, has launched a unique branding strategy to accelerate the development of Clemen Gold in the Chinese market and meet growing Chinese consumer demand for high quality sweet citrus. ANB Investments has created a series of “Gold” brands for its citrus products, including Clemen Gold for its mandarins. They have invested in excellent brand management, cultivated a brand reputation and established a brand ecosystem, of which Clemen Gold is a well-known example.

In the 16 years since the inception of the Gold brand, Clemen Gold has become a flagship product on supermarket shelves in over 30 countries around the world. Clemen Gold is one of the most popular mandarin brands in the world. And in China too, the volume of their sales is increasing every year. Clemen Gold first entered the Chinese market in 2013 with an export volume of 8 sea containers. This year, more than 1,000 sea containers of Clemen Gold arrived in China. The speed of this expansion is amazing. Chinese consumers have a strong demand for high-quality citrus fruits, which has provided Clemen Gold with excellent development opportunities. The production volume of Clemen Gold is estimated at 45,000 tonnes this year, and approximately 20,000 tonnes are destined for the Chinese market. This is almost half of the production volume of Clemen Gold.

Cooperation with Fruit Day for brand formation
Mr. Abraham van Rooyen, Founder of Clemen Gold, said the following about the new Clemen Gold season in China: “We are constantly innovating and investing in the development of new product varieties, retail management and branding, to ensure that Clemen Gold Mandarins achieve the highest quality standards. In recent years, we have rapidly developed in the Chinese market. China is already the most important export market for Clemen Gold mandarins. In Fruit Day, we found a strategic partner with strong branding capability and specialized import and marketing expertise. We hope to work with Fruit Day for a long time and together introduce more new products to the Chinese market.

Clemen Gold tangerines are on display on Fruit Day online and offline shelves

The rise of consumers in recent years has been accompanied by changes in consumption patterns. Brand training has become one of the most effective ways to move forward. Fruit Day has developed several popular premium brands, such as ‘Aksu Bingtang Apples’ and ‘Mr. Orange’.

“China is a big consumer of citrus fruits and we are looking around the world for premium citrus brands that can meet the demand of Chinese consumers. Clemen Gold is a well-known global brand that stands for quality, stability, and sufficient supply volume. We have started a long term cooperation with exporter Clemen Gold Core Fruit in 2019. Together we are promoting this brand in the Chinese market and we hope to explore even more brand formation opportunities in the years to come.

This year’s Clemen Gold Mandarins are already available in Fruit Day and City Supermarket online and offline stores.

Source: sh.sina.com.cn

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