AEW Rampage Live Coverage (6/10): Satnam Singh’s In-Ring Debut

Welcome to our “AEW Rampage” Live Viewing Party. Tonight’s episode was taped Wednesday night at Cable Dahmer Arena in Independence, Missouri. (**SPOILERS**, if you’re interested)

Four games were promoted for tonight’s show:

  • Eddie Kingston vs. Jake Hager
  • Kris Statlander vs. Red Velvet
  • FTR & Trent Beretta vs. Will Ospreay & Aussie Open
  • Jay Lethal and Satnam Singh vs. TBA

AEW is also promoting that we’ll be hearing from Hook and Danhausen on tonight’s episode.

Our live coverage will begin at 10 p.m. ET.

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Eddie Kingston vs. Jake Hager

Kingston and Hager start throwing tedders at the bell. Hager takes over and sets up Kingston with clotheslines. Hager strikes as Kingston is on his knees. Hager throws Kingston outside the ring to the ground. Kingston meets him with some chops but Hager comes down with a knee to the stomach to regain control. Hager slams Kingston’s head into the ring apron and they head back into the ring.

Hager hits a suplex in the backdrop and grounds Kingston with a double hook from behind. Hager throws Kingston out of the ring again. He follows him and suplexes Kingston to the ground. Kingston tries to fight back but Hager punches him and knocks him back into the ring.

Hager taps Kingston’s lower back in the corner. Kingston launches with some chops but Hager cuts him with a belly-to-belly suplex. He tries for cover but Kingston immediately pulls out.

Hager anchors Kingston with an arm bar. Kingston gets up and slaps Hager. Another knee to the midsection by Hager stops Kingston’s momentum. Hager cuts Kingston but that only triggers Kingston and he comes back with a flurry of chops including one to the side of Hager’s head. Kingston hits Hager to the head but misses a follow up and Hager hits a throw over the head. Both men are down as we go to the picture-in-picture break.

Back from the break, Kingston is on his knees, returning the bird to Hager. Hager responds with punches. Kingston chases Hager’s eyes and hits a DDT for a 2 count.

Kingston is on his feet and shooting with chops. He beats Hager with a machine gun in the corner. He tries an exploder suplex but Hager blocks and hits a Vader Bomb for a 2 count.

Hager tries to lock the ankle but Kingston pushes him away. Hager goes for a gut wrench suplex but Kingston blocks and hits an exploder suplex and a Saito suplex for a 2 count.

Kingston sets up for the spinning fist but Hager ducks down and puts Kingston in an ankle lock. Kingston is close to the ropes but Hager brings him back to the center of the ring. Kingston fights to the ropes again and succeeds this time.

Hager backs Kingston into the corner. He mounts it and hits Kingston. Kingston picks it up and takes Hager for a powerbomb. Kingston hits a pair of spinning fists and covers Hager to get the pin.

Eddie Kingston defeated Jake Hager via pinfall

Behind the scenes, Tony Schiavone is with Dr. Britt Baker, Jamie Hayter and Rebel. Baker still has the belt she earned for winning the Owen Hart Foundation Women’s Tournament. Baker wasn’t happy to see Toni Storm get her hands on the AEW Women’s Championship on Wednesday “Dynamite.” Baker thinks Storm is trying to cut the line. Baker says “Team DMD” will win the title before Storm.

We’re off for a commercial break.

Back from the break, we get a hyped video for Wednesday’s hair vs. hair match between Chris Jericho and Ortiz.

Jay Lethal and Satnam Singh (with Sonjay Dutt) vs. Davey Vega and Mat Fitchett

This is Singh’s in-ring debut.

Lethal starts but actually just tags Singh. Singh stuns Fitchett with a knee lift. Singh follows with a big jab in the corner. Singh goes for a suplex but Vega rushes in to try and stop him so Singh takes both men down. He scores into Lethal and holds off their opponents for a deadly double injection for the win.

Jay Lethal and Satnam Singh defeat Davey Vega and Mat Fitchett

Lethal, Singh and Dutt beat both men after the match. Singh hits Fitchett with a Spinning Crucifix Bomb.

Backstage earlier today, Lexy Nair interviews Danhausen and Hook. Danhausen rolls around in a golf cart to greet her. Hook follows in a much cooler ATV, drops his sunglasses on Nair and drives away.

Back in the arena, Red Velvet enters, followed by Kris Statlander.

Red Velvet vs. Kris Statlander

Velvet tries to jump Statlander before the bell but is met with a Powerslam on the ground. Statlander’s press slams Velvet into the ring and follows with some running strikes. The velvet retreats to the ground. Statlander is in pursuit and defeats Velvet. Velvet tries to jump on Statlander but Statlander carries her on her back to the ring steps and throws her back into the ring.

Statlander goes to the top rope but misses a cross body. She quickly recovers to get Velvet for a delayed vertical suplex but never lands it as Velvet slides out the back and Velvet is able to attack Statlander’s knee as we go to the picture-in-picture break.

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