Bengal government responds to governor’s letter, shared by him on Twitter

The West Bengal government said on Tuesday that Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar’s letter to Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee about post-election violence in the state was not in line with “the real facts.”

In a series of tweets, the state’s Home Office criticized the letter the governor shared on Twitter, saying it violated all established standards.

“The Government of West Bengal has observed with dismay and distress that the Honorable Governor of West Bengal has suddenly made public a letter which he addressed to the Honorable Chief Minister of West Bengal, the content of which does not correspond to real facts, “the Home Office tweeted.

“The communication format violates all established standards. The letter was written to the Honorable Chief Minister and simultaneously published in the public media through tweets, which disrupts the sanctity of these communications,” he said. -he adds.

In his letter, Dhankhar alleged that the chief minister had remained silent on the post-election violence in the state and had taken no action to rehabilitate and compensate the suffering.

Dismissing the allegations, the Home Office said post-election violence took place when the election commission was charged with law and order in the state.

“While the post-election violence in the state did not abate when the Election Commission of India was in charge of the law enforcement apparatus, after the swearing-in, the State Cabinet reigned over the situation, restored normalcy and established full control over anti-law elements, ”he said.

State police have been ordered to warn all antisocials, and the government remains committed to maintaining the basic fabric of society and upholding law and order, the ministry added. Interior.

Dhankhar, whose letter arrived while on a four-day trip to New Delhi, also accused the police and state administration of being partisan.

“I am compelled to observe your continued silence and inaction in the face of the bloodshed after the ballot, the violation of human rights, the scandalous attacks on the dignity of women, the wanton destruction of property, the perpetuation of unspeakable miseries on political opponents – worse since independence and that bodes badly for democracy, ”Dhankhar wrote to the chief minister.

“Your studied silence, coupled with the absence of any measure to engage in rehabilitation and compensation to alleviate the unimaginable suffering of people, forces the inevitable conclusion that all this is led by the state,” he said. he alleged.

Dhankhar has disagreed with Trinamool’s congressional government on several issues since taking office in July 2019.

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