Gemadept: joins forces to develop the country’s logistics industry

Logistics companies face the challenges of the pandemic…

The outbreaks of the COVID-19 pandemic with many complicated and protracted developments are truly a difficult “test” for the Vietnamese economy as well as the ability of the business world to cope with the strong impacts on production activities and the business environment.

Logistics and port operators are no exception when the import and export supply chain is interrupted, the circulation and transport of goods are suspended, especially during the period of social distancing when the regulations on the control of the pandemic between localities are still different, resulting in more fresh procedures and logistics; production is interrupted; Labor shortage; Worker health, morale and productivity are significantly affected; International trade suffers and declines; Sea freight rates are rising sharply and there is a severe shortage of containers. In recent years, more than 60% of logistics service companies have experienced a drop in production and a sharp drop in revenue.

However, business community and international organizations always believe and appreciate the development potential of logistics market in Vietnam, when there is drastic leadership and joint effort of state, government, agencies, organizations, local authorities and especially the support of the Vietnamese business community to have many timely and flexible solutions, showing strong resistance to the effects of the pandemic to maintain the national supply chain as well as import and export merchandise.

Responsibilities of a leading company in the logistics sector

As a leading logistics and port operator with sustainable development, Gemadept is always aware of the company’s role and responsibility in developing the country’s logistics industry, contributing to the recovery of the Vietnamese economy after COVID-19.

With continuous efforts for the benefit of customers and the overall development of the logistics industry, in 2021, Gemadept is honored to be awarded by prestigious organizations, including the “Top 50 Listed Companies” award in 2021 by Forbes; “PROFIT500 – Top 500 Most Profitable Companies in Vietnam in 2021”… Importantly, on December 17, 2021, Vietnam Report officially announced the list of top 10 most prestigious logistics companies in 2021. As a result, Gemadept is once again honored as the number one company in the “Top 10 prestigious logistics companies in 2021 – international freight forwarding, warehousing, third-party and third-party logistics services”. These awards are the motivation for Gemadept to continue striving to improve the quality of service for the benefit of customers, to improve the working environment and to bring new values ​​to the community.

Therefore, Gemadept is always actively and flexibly creating solutions to better serve customers during the pandemic, such as developing customer service center, developing smart software applications to create favorable conditions for customers in transactions, receipt of goods during the period of social distancing, construction of solutions for the transport of essential goods. to the population in a timely manner, while continuing to promote investment opportunities in the construction of seaports and logistics systems, upgrading infrastructure and equipment, the fleet of ships, gradually digitizing production and trade activities , using green energy to offer efficient logistics solutions, optimizing time and cost for customers, and at the same time elevating Vietnam’s logistics industry.

Significantly in 2021, Gemadept commissioned the deep-sea port Gemalink from January 2021. The port makes Vietnamese proud when it becomes one of the first 19 commercial ports in the world that can receive the largest size of vessel up to 200,000 DWT. In addition, with the aim of building a modern green port, Gemalink’s generation of E-RTG cranes uses 100% grid electricity (all-electric), operates semi-automatically and incorporates load control technology. flexible and intelligent cabin control with a combined DGPS system. with the modern CATOS port management software. Thus, all monitoring, management, operation and coordination activities between the front and rear lines of the port are carried out smoothly, quickly and precisely at each container position on the site, thus optimizing the operation of the port, quickly freeing ships, limiting congestion, ensuring labor safety and environmental protection requirements. At the same time, the company has invested in the expansion of berths, investing in more modern and safer cargo handling equipment for workers at existing ports such as Nam Dinh Vu Port, Port of Binh Duong, the modernization of the warehouse system, etc. to increase capacity. and meet market demand.

Gemadept commissioned Gemalink Deep-sea Port from January 2021. The port makes Vietnamese proud as it becomes one of the top 19 commercial ports in the world that can accommodate the largest vessel size up to 200,000 DWT

At the same time, Gemadept has increased its investments in digital transformation, introducing technology into the logistics journey with applications such as Smart Port. This application is able to respond optimally to the functionalities of an Electronic Port, in particular: Online Order Registration, Online Payment, Electronic Documents, e-DO, e-Gate, Data Lookup, online multi-port integration, etc. Smart Port is one of the projects in Gemadept’s digital transformation strategy, in order to improve the customer experience, save time and optimize costs.

To the future

Gemadept has set key directions in 2022 and beyond in the period 2021 – 2025, realizing the vision to become a leading company in port operations and logistics, remaining ready to take advantage of growth opportunities.

At the same time, Gemadept continues to research and deploy business solutions that adapt to the new market business situation, apply modern digital technology and develop solutions to promote its port and logistics ecosystem.

Gemadept operates a system of modern integrated distribution centers and supply chains throughout Vietnam

Gemadept will continue to develop its core business and implement key projects, including phase 2 of Nam Dinh Vu port cluster in Hai Phong and phase 2 of Gemalink deep sea “superport” in Cai Mep province. from Ba Ria – Vung Tau in order to double the freight. handling capacity of Gemadept, helping to optimize the 08 Port ecosystem and the Logistics network extending from North to South.

Over the past three decades, Gemadept has always been consistent with the mission of “Contributing to promoting economic flows, creating added values ​​for the country, companies and companions through its chain of services and solutions”. There are still many difficulties and challenges to overcome. However, challenges always come with opportunities, logistics remains an area that attracts strong attention and investment in Vietnam and is expected to see significant growth through supporting industries, automotive manufacturing, electronic components and state investment policy in key economic regions.

In addition, international trade agreements such as CPTPP, EVFTA, RCEP… will give a big boost to the production and import-export business of the whole country in general and to the business of logistics companies. such as Gemadept in particular. With projects that have been actively deployed and scaled up, Gemadept is poised to enter faster and deeper into the global value chain, befitting its role as one of the leading companies in the national port and logistics industries.

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