Genomma Lab Internacional B de C: PROXY 2022 – Genomma Lab informs of the proposed modification of article 3 of the social statutes

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Mexico City April 15, 2022 Genomma Lab International, SAB de CV. (BMV: LABB) (“Genomma Lab” or “the Company”), a leading pharmaceutical and personal care company in Mexico with a growing international presence, informs that a proposal will be made to the Shareholders Meeting to amend third article of Genomma Lab’s articles of association, in order to simplify the list of activities that the Company carries out. The above is due to recent labor law and tax reforms in Mexico.

Activities such as transport, logistics and specialized promotions, among others, would be removed from the list of activities covered by this third article.

The activities no longer appearing in the third amended article would be be carried out by the Company affiliates or subsidiaries in accordance with applicable law.

As a courtesy, you will find below the English translation of the proposed draft for the amendment of article 3 of the company’s articles of association:

Genomma Lab Corporate purpose

Third Article.- The purpose of the Company is:

a) The manufacture, distribution, import, export and marketing of all types of medicines, whether or not subject to medical prescription for their sale, food supplements, cosmetics, perfumery, beauty and personal care products, hygiene products, dermatological formulations, herbal teas, soft drinks and infant formula, in Mexico and abroad, directly or indirectly, and for its own account or for the account of third parties.

b) Obtain, acquire, develop, market, improve, use, grant and receive licenses, or assign in any capacity whatsoever, all kinds of patents, trademarks, certificates of invention, trade names, utility models, designs and industrial models, industrial secrets and all other industrial property rights, as well as copyrights, options and preferences relating thereto, whether in Mexico or abroad.

c) Promote, incorporate, organize, operate, acquire and participate in the capital or assets of all types of commercial or civil companies, associations or companies, industrial, commercial, services or of any other nature, national or foreign countries, including through the acquisition of shares, participations, participations, convertible bonds and subscription and purchase options issued by these legal persons, associations or companies, including trust rights.

d) Buy, sell, declare, sell short, for cash, forward or forward, shares, debentures, commercial paper, bankers’ acceptances, treasury certificates and, in general, any security or title of claim; give or receive as collateral or on loan securities or debt securities, obtain and grant credits for the purchase and sale of securities or debt securities and carry out securities reporting operations.


e) Obtain all types of loans or credits, issue bonds, bonds, commercial paper, stock exchange certificates and all other similar or similar instruments, without or with the granting of specific guarantees by pledge, mortgage, constitution of an administration trust, surety and/or source of payment, or under any other legal title; as well as granting any type of financing or loan to commercial or civil companies, companies and institutions with which the Company has business relations or social participations, whether or not they receive specific real or personal guarantees.

f) Subscribe to all kinds of credit instruments, endorse them, guarantee them and encumber them in any form whatsoever under the terms of Article 9 of the General Law on Credit Instruments and Operations; as well as carrying out factoring and accounting discounting operations.

g) Receive from any third party and grant in favor of companies, associations and institutions in which the Company has, directly or indirectly, an interest or a participation, or with which the Company maintains business relations, all kinds of guarantees and sureties personal and real obligations or debt securities, by standing surety and/or guarantor and/or guarantor of these persons, or of any third party.

h) Giving or taking on lease or suretyship; acquire, possess, exchange, alienate, transfer, alienate or encumber the ownership or possession of all movable and immovable property, as well as other real or personal rights over it, necessary or useful for the corporate purpose or operations or for the social purposes of companies, associations and commercial or civil institutions in which the Company has an interest or participation of any kind.

i) In general, to conclude and execute all acts, contracts and related operations, incidental or incidental, necessary or useful for the achievement of the corporate purpose.

About Genomma Lab International

Genomma Lab Internacional, SAB de CV is one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical and personal care companies in Latin America. Genomma Lab develops, sells and markets a wide range of premium branded products, many of which are leaders in the categories in which they compete in terms of sales and market share. The Company has a strong business model through a unique combination of a new product development process, consumer-focused marketing, an extensive retail distribution network and a lowvery flexible and low-cost supply chain operating model. For more information visit:

Genome Lab shares are listed on the Mexican Stock Exchange under the symbol “LABB” (Bloomberg:LABB:MM).

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