Global Offensive Skins That Are Outrageously Expensive

The knives occupied a special place of worship in the “Counter-Strike” community long before the launch of “Global Offensive”. Indeed, it is generally more difficult to kill with a knife than with firearms (hence the old adage of “bringing a knife to a shootout”).

As witnessed video compilations showing knife murders in professional tournaments, these are exciting times for spectators. For “CS: GO” fans, knife kills are flashy games on par with a basketball slam dunk. Of course, it should be noted that knife murders are not entirely for the show, as they reward players with a higher bounty than a typical kill. They also typically require stealth, an almost superhuman display of bullet dodging, an incompetent opponent, or a combination of these.

Even so, knives are typically used by gamers with a flair for spectacle, and therefore Valve has placed knife skins into a rarity category of their own. Therefore, these skins are particularly sought after by collectors. Particularly popular (and particularly expensive) knife models include the M9 bayonet and the badly hung Karambit knife, both of which are based on real weapons favored by Special Forces. However, the most popular knife model in “CS: GO” is butterfly knife, due to the weapon’s flashy animations, which are based on real knife tricks.

All of these skins can fetch hundreds to thousands of dollars in the resale market, making them a real investment for players who do want to show off their stabbing skills.

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