Health Systems Shift To Creative Warehousing Solutions In Response To COVID-19


NORTHFIELD, Illinois., April 13, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Medline today announced preliminary results of a supply chain and advanced logistics solution created during the pandemic for the many customers striving to improve their ability to handle future emergencies. Shortages of personal protective equipment (PPE) during the initial COVID-19 outbreak highlighted the need for health systems to have large reserves of equipment, often more than they can handle.

Purchase and storage
After initial shortages, the systems entered a wave of buying and stocking, which subsequently put pressure on their supply chain. Some organizations ended up with more than 5,000 pallets of PPE with little or no way to store them. This immediate reaction created a new challenge: to identify where it would all go.

3rd Party Logistics (3PL) storage solutions
In response to this complication, Medline’s Supply Chain Optimization (SCO) and Logistics team worked closely with individual healthcare facilities to create a new way to manage, store and deliver inventory. belonging to customers. Medline’s investments in over 23 million square feet of medical grade distribution space have managed more than 300,000 square feet of customer-owned inventory.

More than 40 health systems across United States are now participating in the program that allows organizations to allocate internally and accurately forecast based on specific supply needs.

In the case of a system based on Ohio, Medline’s 3PL solution has helped it overcome the physical space and distribution challenges brought on by COVID-19. Like many at the start of the pandemic, the organization looked at all available market options for critical PPE and respiratory supplies, resulting in extremely large pallet quantities.

Medline provided warehouse space to alleviate the problem. This liberated system teams up to coordinate wholesale purchases on behalf of their entire system and deliver them to one location. Since individual facilities needed products, they could tap into this centralized inventory using Medline’s distribution network. Supply chain managers could once again focus on responding to immediate demands and spend less time organizing the sourcing of stressed goods.

Effective across the continuum of care
Executives in post-acute care facilities have also started investing in 3PL solutions. Integrate health, a network of 137 inpatient rehabilitation hospitals in 35 states, found itself in a similar conundrum at the start of the pandemic.

They supplemented their stocks of PPE by sourcing from non-traditional suppliers. Medline stepped in and provided the support needed to receive, store, break down and ship this critical inventory, ensuring hospitals had the products they needed, when they needed them.

“Encompass Health has the freedom to continue to source from multiple vendors, while being able to quickly and easily change allocations by hospital as needs change. This program has been critical in building up reserves to avoid over-spending. future disruptions, and is designed to ensure that we can keep our employees and patients safe, ”said Elaine prince, Vice President of Operations Support, Encompass Health.

This program is the latest example of how Medline works to ensure that essential equipment is in the hands of clinicians and patients when they need it most. PPE storage and stockpiling programs are helping facilities maintain the inventory levels needed to support hospital networks and prepare for the potential increase in COVID-19 cases this fall and winter.

“Medline’s advanced logistics programs allow customers in all types of care settings to maintain critical supply storage levels.” More importantly, due to the company’s investment in infrastructure, supplies are located close to the customer, further strengthening the healthcare supply chain, ”said Peter Saviola, vice president of supply chain optimization, Medline.

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