Juniper Networks Selects Synopsys to Accelerate Development of Photonic Integrated Circuits for Next Generation Data Centers.

The Synopsys OptoCompiler platform provides a unified and proven solution for optical communications with speed and flexibility.

Frémont, California: Synopsys, Inc. is a Silicon to SoftwareTM partner for forward-thinking companies that create electrical products and software applications that we rely on every day. Synopsys, an S&P 500 company, has long been a global leader in electronic design automation (EDA) and semiconductor intellectual property. It has the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of application security testing tools and services.

“Synopsys offers a single, unified photonics and electronics design suite that accelerates customer design cycles and time-to-market,” said Tom Mader, head of silicon photonics at Juniper Networks. “This will enable Juniper Silicon Photonics to bring our revolutionary integrated hybrid laser platform to a wide range of customers in multiple photonics market segments, with the potential to reduce costs and eliminate barriers to product entry.” .

According to Synopsys, Inc., Juniper Networks has chosen the Synopsys OptoCompilerTM platform, which includes OptSimTM and PrimeSimTM HSPICE® simulation solutions, to accelerate the development of photonic chips for next-generation optical communications. Juniper aims to use Synopsys technologies to build and enhance its hybrid silicon and InP optical platform, enabling customers to manage optical connections in data centers and telecommunications networks and new emerging applications in artificial intelligence, LiDAR and other sensors.

The OptoCompiler Design Platform is the industry’s only unified electrical and photonic design platform, integrating mature, dedicated photonics technology with proven bespoke tools from Synopsys to enable engineers to quickly create and validate and specifically complex photonic integrated circuit designs.

The OptoCompiler platform, with its interactive cockpit design, helps reduce turnaround times and the risk of human error. It offers schematic-based layout flow with photonic layout synthesis and automated features such as waveguide assisted routing and automatic photonic circuit alignment.

Synopsys OptSim integrates photonic systems and circuit simulation capabilities, as well as electro-optical co-simulation, with Synopsys PrimeSim HSPICE Simulator, the industry gold standard for precise circuit modeling and the cornerstone of the Synopsys PrimeSim Continuum solution. It also interfaces smoothly with the Synopsys PrimeWaveTM design environment and the simulation and analysis environment of the OptoCompiler platform. The OptSim system includes a large library of photonic models and is compatible with many photonic integrated circuit foundries.

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