Kinetic GPO Collaborates with Wintergreen Learning Materials to Provide Compliant Group Purchase Agreement to Public Sector Entities for School Supplies

Kinetic GPO announced today that it has awarded a three-year contract to Wintergreen Learning Materials. Kinetic GPO is a cooperative purchasing organization established for the broader public sector, non-profit organizations and municipalities, academics, school boards and health and social services (MASH) entities across Canada. The contract, RFSO 22-02, became effective June 1, 2022 and will remain active until May 31, 2025, with an option to extend the term for an additional period of up to two years.

Through this competitively solicited contract, Kinetic GPO members will have access to more than 15,000 early learning educational and childcare products.

“The agreement with Kinetic GPO supports our ability to serve our customers across the education continuum, and we are honored to work closely with public entities across Canada,” said Barbara Vanzante, Director of strategic partnerships at Wintergreen Learning Solutions. “Our goal is to partner and work alongside them to drive cost savings and greater efficiencies within their organizations.”

Kinetic GPO purchases in a fair, open and transparent manner in accordance with international and regional trade agreements. Membership is free and without volume commitment.

“Kinetic GPO is thrilled to have product offerings from Wintergreen Learning Materials added to our strong contract pipeline. This contract provides quality and affordable school and child care supplies, including teaching materials, physical education, special needs, furniture, teacher resources and much more to all of our participating members. said Chris Penny, CEO of Kinetic GPO.

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About Wintergreen Learning Materials

A proudly Canadian owned and operated company, Wintergreen Learning Materials has been sourcing and supplying school supplies and related products to Canadian education customers for over 40 years. Their extensive selection of over 15,000 preschool learning school supplies and related products includes a staggering 50% that are exclusive to Wintergreen in Canada. This exclusivity is important to their customers due to rigorous product quality control, rigorous safety standards and a full Wintergreen lifetime warranty on every product they offer.

They serve more than 50,000 customers across Canada, including school boards, schools, libraries, hospitals, municipalities and not-for-profit organizations. Wintergreen offers its customers experienced, bilingual customer service that provides fast response times and a 98% first call success rate, along with a team of knowledgeable sales consultants. They also offer convenient ordering options (web, email, phone, fax), on-time delivery, installation and assembly services, and waste disposal options.

From the team that selects reliable, safe and long-lasting products, to the team that makes sure those products get to the customer in time for their grand opening, every order is handled with care by people who work together to ensure that the customer is satisfied with everything they have purchased from Wintergreen.

About Kinetic GPO

Kinetic GPO is a national broader public sector collaborative purchasing organization, established in 2017, whose contracts have been competitively tendered in a fair, open and transparent manner to vendors for products and services commonly purchased including technology, fleet, office supplies, maintenance, HVAC, roofing, grounds maintenance, playground, operations, furniture, mowers, energy solutions, managed print services, school supplies, and building compliant requirements of regional and national trade agreements. Entities that must comply with regional and national trade agreements, such as municipalities, higher education, schools, healthcare, non-profit organizations and all other public sector entities, use Kinetic Contracts GPOs to increase their efficiency and economy when purchasing goods and services. As a national buying cooperative, Kinetic GPO taps into a large pool of buying potential and enables entities to receive combined buying power regardless of entity size.

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