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Giving talented young creators and SMEs a chance to export and create a global market for commercially viable African-centric content

LONDON, UK, May 26, 2021 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) – ForeMedia Group Plc, a pioneering London-based company (an international company well known for its premier media and entertainment business in Nigeria and the UK, as well as for entertainment for audiences around the world), is delighted to announce that it is building the first digital ecosystem for talented entertainment creators in Sub-Saharan Africa.

At this point, when diversity meets such enthusiasm, the company’s strategy is to support sustainable creative initiatives, thus enabling creators to learn, produce, distribute and monetize their work. Various elements include new media and market services and products such as content production, distribution and marketing, video streaming and advertising.

Riding the wave of rapid annual growth

According to data from PwC’s Entertainment & Media Outlook (2017-2021), Nigeria will experience rapid annual growth of 12.1%, making it the world’s fastest growing media and entertainment market in the world. over the next few years. However, due to the lack of platforms in the world that cater to the African audience, there is an urgent need for a dynamic and high capacity omni-media platform. To this end, the entrepreneurial Founder / CEO and Associates of ForeMedia Group (all renowned for their expertise in Afro-centric media and entertainment), have done substantial groundwork to make ForeMedia Group the premier digital ecosystem in the world. whole of sub-Saharan Africa. At the heart of every digital ecosystem is a platform business model, and the ForeMedia Group has built an extremely robust technology infrastructure to support its omni-media platform.


“The company’s strategic plan will empower one million young talent in media and entertainment in the medium / long term and will have large-scale creation plans,” says Hareter B. Oralusi, Founder and CEO.

ForeMedia Group provides a perfect new multimedia and entertainment platform for talented young creators and SMEs (small and medium enterprises), enabling them to export and create a global market for commercially feasible African-centric content. The company’s philosophy is “to use the latest cutting-edge digital technologies to help empower the next generation of Africans through media, entertainment and entrepreneurship; thus, spreading the wonderful diversity of Afro-centric media and entertainment around the world. This should give Africans and non-Africans alike a fantastic new sphere of entertainment and media like no other.


ForeTVHub (one of the platforms of the ForeMedia group), is dedicated to the distribution of the most engaging and original content. It covers media and entertainment from ForeMedia creators and notable third-party partners. The platform continues to delight creators and users in new ways.

And with innovative sports and entertainment videos, top rated TV shows, documentaries, music, books and podcasts, and so much breaking content from around the world, many people and their families are visiting the site several times a day. Learn more:

ForeMedia Creator

ForeMedia Creator is a stimulating initiative that supports and empowers creators who work with the ForeMedia group. It supports creators with the essential tools for success: infrastructure, equipment, technical support, distribution and monetization.

About the founder and CEO

Hareter B. Oralusi MS, is a renowned visionary, serial entrepreneur and philanthropist. It is dedicated to spreading diversity around the world and to economic growth in Africa (according to the Africa Economic Outlook 2021, “real GDP in Africa is expected to grow by 3.4% in 2021”). It is significantly higher than in other countries.

Oralusi has a solid business background. – He founded ForeMedia Media Group Plc (2017). Foundation of the London School of Social Enterprise and Sustainable Economics (2014).

Creation of the Nigerian Capital Development Fund (2010). In addition, he obtained a Master of Science (MS) in Human Resource Management and Organizational Development from PEF, Private University of Management, Vienna, Austria.

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Contact person: Timilehin Suara Email: [email protected] Phone number: +44 7769345292

Address: Accelerator, 35 Kingsland Road, London, England, E2 8AA


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