Magic Plant Farms announces 4 million kg of peppers in stock this season

Magic Plant Farms announces a milestone and a testament to its successful success; a growing inventory of 4 million kilograms of peppers, in stock and ready to meet the diverse needs of its business partners and customers.

As an international leader in crop management, an innovator in agriculture, Magic Plant Farms specializes in a wide range of Capsicum products. Its product line includes a wide range of native and exotic pepper products, ranging from whole dried peppers and mashed peppers to seasonings, powders, and more.

This season, Magic Plant Farms announces a milestone and a testament to its successful success; a growing inventory of 4 million kilograms of peppers, in stock and ready to meet the diverse needs of its business partners and customers.

More than 40 varieties of hot peppers in stock

Chili peppers are used to good effect in hundreds of thousands of recipes and dishes around the world. Used to create a contrasting palate, enhance aesthetics by adding a splash of color, bring out the best flavors in a recipe, or simply add some beloved “warmth” to a dish, chilies are as tasty as they are versatile. .

Still, sourcing high-quality Capsicum products throughout the year can be a challenge for foodies, pepper lovers, chefs, and commercial food manufacturers. Understanding that the right chili can have a profound impact on the bottom line of any food, Magic Plant Farms is on a mission to provide the industry with a quality selection of over 40 unique varieties of chili peppers. Its robust line of crisp chili products are perfectly suited to meet the diverse culinary needs of virtually any chef, restaurant or manufacturer.

Unparalleled expertise and advice

Magic Plant Farms allows foodies, cooks, restaurants and food manufacturers to explore the unique and delicious flavor profiles of over 40 varieties of chili. Each variety of pepper has different shapes, colors, warmth and flavor, suitable for a wide range of dishes and recipes.

Understanding how these flavors can interact with various recipes and products in a pleasurable way is paramount in producing an end product or dish that will leave consumers wanting more. To this end, the services of Magic Plant Farms consist of working hand in hand with its customers to help them choose the right pepper for the recipe and the desired result. Customers can draw on decades of experience working with chili peppers, discuss options, and work on the perfect formula that hits the mark every time.

A constantly evolving range of products

Innovation, creativity and pushing the limits of flavor are part of a day’s work at Magic Plant Farms. The company’s expert agronomists, botanists and farmers work with an ever-evolving range of rare and exotic pepper varieties to bring these exotic and interesting flavors to the market for the masses.

In 2022 alone, the company is expected to launch hundreds of new pepper products, providing an unprecedented level of access to the vast world of Capsicum plants. Plus, customers who have unique needs or requirements can work with its R&D team to create their next successful product.

A valued international sourcing partner in Chile

As a global supplier of chillies and products, Magic Plant Farms has long been a preferred sourcing partner of cooks, chefs, restaurants and food manufacturers around the world.

With customers from Japan, Australia, China and more, Magic Plant Farms is adept at helping businesses overcome challenges regarding local palates and preferred tastes, importing and exporting perishables, and Moreover.

Supply plans: Sourcing plans can be made to meet the growing and fluctuating demands of any business, ensuring they never run out of ingredients.

Competitive prices: Years of building partnerships throughout the supply chain have enabled the company to pass associated savings on to its customers, reduce costs and make access to premium pepper products accessible and accessible. affordable.

Service and support: With a genuine passion for helping customers to excel and for fostering the positive impact of chili peppers on the culinary world, Magic Plant Farms offers cutting-edge support, advice and guidance on how to get the best results from its products. .

Other notable features:

  • A global network of partners abroad to guarantee quality, reliability and efficiency
  • Peppers are inspected, repackaged and processed in Tennessee
  • Orders are ready to ship from their Tennessee branch within one day of order confirmation
  • Magic Plant Farms is a GMP and HACCP certified company
  • They support “fair trade” and farmers in third world countries
  • They provide pepper ingredients for over 60% of popular hot sauce and condiment brands

Those interested in learning more about Magic Plant Farms, its products or services are encouraged to contact us through its official website or by calling 1-877-801-9793.

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