New report details efforts to prevent criminalization of homeless people | Local News

The data includes the following 2020 statistics in addition to other help provided by organizations:

Center Shalom – provided emergency family shelter for 131 adults and 259 children (8,472 nights’ accommodation); hosted 518 adults as part of the INNS programs (10,456 nights in a refuge).

Women and Children’s Horizons – provided 2,088 nights of accommodation for 113 people (59 adults and 54 children); provided rapid relocation assistance to 35 people (14 adults and 21 children).

Kenosha Human Development Services, Inc. – provided emergency motel assistance to 268 people (199 adults and 69 children); provided Transition Assistance Projects (PATH) services to 226 people; served 72 youth through the Runaway and Homeless Youth project; served 34 single adults through the ongoing supportive housing program; and served 66 people (51 adults and 15 children) through the rapid relocation program.

The Sharing Center – provided 8 housing vouchers, each providing 18 months rent and utilities per family; provided support to 45 homeless people; provided rental assistance to 18 people.

Coleman said the data collected as part of this review not only helps ensure effective results, but also inform programming decisions.

“Evaluating our protocols allows us to determine what works and what doesn’t,” Coleman said. “It also gives us the opportunity to provide an update to our community, so that they are aware of our strategies.”

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