Pinterest makes it easier to find hair-related content that matches your style

Pinterest kicked off Hair Style Finder this week, a “first-of-its-kind” technology created with color pinners in mind.

Using computer-aided object detection, the feature allows users to refine hair searches according to six different patterns: protective, curly, curly, wavy, straight, and shaved / bald. Searches for broad hair terms such as “summer hairstyles”, “glamorous hair” or “short hair” now provide the ability to further refine the results by selecting the most relevant hair pattern.

“We hope we can use technology for good and make it easier for people, no matter who they are, to find hair inspiration on Pinterest,” said Annie Ta, Inclusive Product Manager, in a statement. .

This new feature, according to Pinterest, “not only marks a big step forward for inclusiveness in technology, but also caters to the millions of users who are looking for an easier way to find the hair inspiration most relevant to them.” .

The photo-sharing social network has partnered with Black, Indigenous and Colored (BIPOC) designers like Amika’s Editorial Hairstylist and Global Art Director Naeemah LaFond for the build and design. “This new tool will mark an indispensable step for racial equity in the coding world,” said LaFond. “The idea that I don’t have to work twice as hard to find a hairstyle because of my hair type is a game changer.”

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Mobile users in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand can now search by hair pattern; other international markets will soon have access.

In 2016, Pinterest banned ads for sensitive content, including culturally appropriate and inappropriate costumes, and subsequently banned anti-vaccine content and political ads. Last month, he imposed a moratorium on ads containing weight loss language and images.

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