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SAN FRANCISCO, February 20, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Prey Inc., multiplatform open source provider device manager, reactive anti-theft and data protection platform which protects more than eight million mobile devices, today announced the Device Loan Manager, a new feature available to Enterprise and Education customers. Prey’s Device Loan Manager provides an accessible platform for administering frequent laptop withdrawals and 1: 1 laptop programs at educational institutions.

Managers can use this new tool to assign users with laptops integrated into their Company account for specific periods or indefinitely. The platform will keep track of the assigned user, the loan expiration date, and configure the device through the installed Prey client to locally notify the user of the device’s due date and secure the device. active against late returns or unwanted behavior while alerting administrator.

“The Device Loan Manager was co-designed with partner schools and businesses and it streamlines the loan process, helps maintain accountability and ensures the laptop is secure throughout the process,” said Carlos Yaconi , Founder and CEO of Prey Inc. “On the other hand, this tool unifies an important daily task for our IT and asset managers with their device management platform. This effectively reduces the need to maintain tools secondaries that work in parallel and do not take advantage of Prey’s remote security tools.

The initial release of Device Loan Manager gives the user access to three types of laptop loans:

  • An indefinite mission – No return date and no follow-up security action. Great for keeping tabs on devices with permanent users or flexible loan schedules.
  • An unsecured loan – With a due date and no follow-up security action on expiration. Ideal for quick accountability on low risk loans, such as those that don’t leave the facility or assigned rooms.
  • A secured loan – With a return date and a follow-up lockout when the loan expires. Ideal for loans of devices in which the device may not be returned. For example, in institutions with large checkout programs that give users freedom of movement.

Learn more about this tool and the Device management suite here. See the announcement on Prey website.

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