San Jose City Council to Approve Mandatory Insurance and Annual Fees One Month After VTA Shooting – CBS San Francisco

Mayor Sam Liccardo said the measures can be used to remove guns from the hands of those who break the law.

“We know crooks won’t get insurance. Of course they are not, ”Liccardo said. “So when a police officer answers a domestic violence call and asks the question every police officer asks, ‘Are there guns in the house? At that time, the officer can determine whether that person followed the law to obtain insurance.

Gun rights advocates said the measures punished law-abiding gun owners. They doubt they will have much of an impact on gun violence and likely run up against the Second Amendment.

“We think it is clearly unconstitutional for government at any level to charge some sort of fee before someone can exercise an enumerated constitutional right,” said Sam Paredes of Gun Owners of California.

Liccardo said firearms liability insurance is akin to auto insurance in that it encourages the responsible possession, storage and use of firearms.

The mayor introduced a number of potential gun control measures last year, but the desire to find a way to deal with gun violence has become even more urgent in the wake of the May 26 shooting in during which an employee killed nine of his colleagues before taking his own. life.

Gun rights groups said they had lawsuits ready and would challenge the city’s decision in court.

Before the court of opinion, it seems that the mayor’s project is supported.

“Having a gun is really important to a lot of people. And I want to respect that. And if you want to be a responsible gun owner, I want you in our community. But I also want to help keep everyone accountable, ”Victoria Gonzalez told KPIX 5.

“I see the value in having gun insurance because the idea is to keep us safer,” Alexis Perez said in downtown San Jose.

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