Sempra hires former US energy secretary for Trump

San Diego-based energy giant Sempra has hired a former US Secretary of Energy to President Donald Trump. Dan Bruyette, president of the recently created corporate division.

according to Bloomberg News report, Brouillette will start a new job at Sempra Infrastructure on July 6 and will work in Houston. The company has a branch..

Bruillet came to power in early 2017 and was Deputy Secretary of the Department of Energy under Rick Perry. Following Perry’s resignation, Bruillet returned to his first post from December to January 2019 until the end of President Trump’s term. Confirmed by the Senate in 70-15 Many Democrats, including Richard Durbin of Illinois and Tom Udall of New Mexico, voted in favor.

While at the DOE, Brouillette maintained the following policy: Pursue “American energy superiority” We have also encouraged the export of liquefied natural gas (LNG) produced in the United States to foreign markets.

Sempra has actively moved into the LNG export space. The company is the majority shareholder of Cameron’s $ 10 billion LNG facility Located on the shores of Louisiana, there are plans to build two other major export projects. One is Port Arthur, Texas, and the other is Ensenada, Mexico.

Sempra infrastructure It will integrate a subsidiary of Sempra LNG with IEnova, a subsidiary of one of the largest private energy companies in Mexico. The new subsidiary aims to simplify and evolve its LNG project, its natural gas portfolio, its renewable energy assets in Mexico and the pursuit of low-carbon technologies.

“We are convinced that our new activity Sempra Infrastructure is well positioned to lead the global energy transition through three major platforms: LNG and Net Zero Energy Solutions, Clean Power and Modern Energy Networks. “Masu,” company spokesperson Kim Butler said in an email.

Mike Doyle, Senior Equity Analyst for Edward Jones UtilitiesHe said that Sempra’s adoption of Brouillette made sense.

“He was on the public side as Secretary of Energy and on the private side,” Doyle said. “In terms of building relationships to sign contracts, I think its international connections help us know who needs to export.”

Fred Hutchison, an industrial group in Washington, DC The ally of LNG Rented Bruilet. “The DOE has a very large portfolio, so the person responsible for the day-to-day management has to be a very good manager. It’s Dan Bruyette, ”says Hutchison.

However, the local environmental group San Diego 350 criticized the move.

Scott Kelly, professor of biology at San Diego State University, said, “They will prevent us from switching to renewables.

Originally from Louisiana, Brouillette heads the public policy team at Ford Motor Company and was previously senior vice president of the USAA. Previously, he held various positions for Capitol Hill, including that of Chief of Staff of the United States House Energy and Commerce Commission.

The people involved in Sempra are KKR & Co, a global investment company. When the deal with Sempra Infrastructure is expected to be finalized, he announced that he will announce the name of Sempra Infrastructure’s full management team “in a few weeks”. KKR pledges to pay 3.37 billion dollars 20% of the capital of the newly created subsidiary.

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