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July 20 (THEWILL) – Ogun State was created from the former Western State on February 3, 1976. Abeokuta is its capital and largest city. Located in southwestern Nigeria, Ogun State covers 16,762 square kilometers. It borders Lagos State to the south, Oyo and Osun States to the north, Ondo State to the east and the Republic of Benin to the west. Like Lagos, Ogun is a coastal state with viable borders.

Ogun State has the largest number of higher education institutions in Nigeria – 23 (16 universities and 7 polytechnics).

According to NigeriaGalleria, its natural resources include extensive fertile soil suitable for agriculture and mineral deposits. The state’s climate and soil are suitable for growing a wide range of crops.

The main food crops are rice, maize, cassava, yams and bananas. The main cash crops are cocoa, kola nuts, rubber, palm oil and palm kernels. Ogun State is one of the largest cola producers in the country. It also produces wood and rubber on a large scale.

About 20% of its total area is made up of forest reserves suitable for animal husbandry. The State has enormous industrial potential. Its natural resources, workforce, and geographic proximity to Lagos make it a potential industrial area for the nation.

Its vast deposit of limestone, scientists say, can last around five hundred years. The multi-million naira cement plant at Sagamu is West Africa’s largest cement plant. This factory and the Ewekoro cement factory depend on local limestone resources for raw materials.

Other available mineral resources include high quality chalk, phosphate, stones and gravel for construction work.

There are also other modern industries producing high-quality beer, bicycle tires, ceramics, high-quality clay bricks, rugs and clothing.


â–ª It has the largest number of higher education institutions in Nigeria – 23 (16 universities and 7 polytechnics).

â–ª The current population estimate is 7.1 million with a growth rate of 3.36 percent.

â–ª It has a total of 1,873 public primary schools and 348 public secondary schools (2005)

â–ª Public primary school pupil population: 388,930 (2007).

Ogun State

â–ª Gross government product (PSB): 1.2% of Nigeria’s GDP in 2017

â–ª Its GSP is the 4th in the South-West, the 8th in the South and the 18th in the country.

â–ª 68 percent of its PSG is the production of services; 27 percent are non-oil, 5 percent are agricultural (all @ 2017).

â–ª Its 2021 budget is 338.6 billion naira, 15.7% of the total budget of the southwest zone of 2.16 trillion naira

ogun state
ogun state
Olumo Rock

â–ª Over 3,076 businesses operate in the state, including MSMEs; Agbara is the hub of Nigeria’s manufacturing companies.

â–ª Total turnover N88.43 billion (@ 2020)

â–ª Total FAAC 37.68 billion naira (42.61% of total turnover)

â–ª TOTAL IGR N50.75bn (57.39% of total turnover)

â–ª Domestic debt 153.49 billion naira

â–ª External debt $ 103.49 million

â–ª Agricultural production 65.6 billion naira (@ 2017)

â–ª Non-oil industrial base of 358.1 billion naira

â–ª Service exit N905.1bn

â–ª Gross state output 1.3 trillion naira or 1.2% of Nigeria’s GDP in 2017

â–ª Stimulates economic and developmental advances in the South West after Lagos.

Ogun seeks private investors in healthcare, transportation and more

Ogun State is seeking investors who will develop its tertiary health facilities into world-class health facilities capable of providing quality health services to the population.

It therefore invites investors to collaborate with the government on major infrastructure development projects such as roads, railways, agribusiness, the digital energy economy and other social services within the framework of of its public-private partnership agreement.

State Governor, ‘Dapo Abiodun, who said this during the Nigerian-British Chamber of Commerce (NBCC) webinar on “Meet the Governor of Ogun State: Investment Opportunities and ‘business’, in May 2021, also noted that the Olabisi Onabanjo University Hospital in Sagamu needed attention to bring it up to standard and prevent brain drain.

According to the governor, “We inherited an unfinished 250-bed hospital in Abeokuta. As part of our recognition that government is a continuum and wherever the Commonwealth of Ogun State has been invested, we will not give up.

Ogun State
Upstream integration
Ogun State
Energy ease

Ogun State
Cattle & Dairy products: Basic needs of the population who
interfaces with Lagos.
Ogun State
Mines and quarries
Ogun State
Transportation services
Ogun State
Ogun State
Spices & Vegetables
Hotels & Hospitality

“We are therefore looking for investors to help us develop it into a standard hospital to stem the tide of medical tourism, conserve foreign currencies and provide quality health insurance to our citizens and to those who may need research services. and investigation “.

Reiterating the vision of his administration which included; targeted and qualitative governance, improving citizens’ confidence in government through transparent and accountable leadership, the governor said that several reforms in land, energy, justice, taxation, finance and civil service, have been purposefully put in place to ensure ease of doing business in the state.

He said the establishment of the Office of Public-Private Partnerships, Ogun Investment Agency, Business Advisory and the recently launched Civil Justice Transformation Strategy Paper were other steps taken to ensure operations. transparent business in the state.

He further observed that with a landmass of 16,981 square kilometers, suitable for the cultivation of food and cash crops, the state has a well-diversified portfolio in key sectors including manufacturing, operations mining and commerce which together made up 65% of state resources. Value of gross national product.

He said the current administration’s efforts were aimed at improving productivity, mobility and connectivity through the provision of adequate road infrastructure, especially in rural areas.

Abiodun who stressed the importance of having motorable roads that connect his neighbors, especially Lagos State, said that the 14 km Epe-Ijebu-Ode road, built by his administration, will soon be put into service. , while the construction of the Atan-Lusada-Agbara road had since been reported, calling on investors to partner with his government to build such key economic roads in the state.

The governor praised the partnership with the UK government in building a multimodal mass transport system for the state, adding that his administration is in discussions with the federal government to create spurs around Lagos-Ibadan in a standard way. to serve intermittent clusters and emerging subdivisions. along the hallway.

While urging British investors and others to take advantage of the state’s economic potential, Abiodun maintained that there were investment opportunities in rice, cassava, spices and vegetables, livestock and vegetables. dairy products, poultry as well as in the international agricultural market and the special zone of agro-industrial processing and in the manufacturing sector.


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