Staying strengthens the change management suite

October 27, 2021

Alex woodie

In the market for change management software? One of the most active vendors in the IBM i space, Remain Software, this month announced the delivery of several new versions of its software, including TD / OMS version 14, Gravity version 7 and a new version of its software. API Studio.

Remain develops and supports its Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) software for IBM i and open system platforms from its headquarters in the Netherlands. It has multiple partners in the US and other countries, giving it global reach with its flagship TD / OMS offering and tool support.

In early October, the company unveiled its first milestone release for TD / OMS, Gravity, and API Studio, which means the introduction of new version numbers. Typically, the company releases one milestone per quarter and finishes it with the delivery of the full version in early summer, before the European continent goes on annual vacation.

With TD / OMS v14, the company has made several improvements that should make it easier for developers to work with the change management system.

To start with, it includes a new upload progress bar, which will keep the developer informed about the extent of the upload to the server, for example. It also offers the ability to export spooled files to PDF format, which will help developers maintain better documentation.

The new multi-selection action.

Developers will find it easier to remove branches or perform tasks with multiple components thanks to the new multiple select action in this release. And an improvement to the new comments view will retain the original formatting of comments, especially for longer texts. Comments can be applied to requests, tasks, solutions, and objects.

TD / OMS also provides enhancements to the command to erase historical spare data to avoid excessive disk usage. The command now performs fallback cleanup in all applications and allows the TD / OMS manager to run the command even if it does not have access to the applications. Remain has also enhanced its TimeFlash RapidFire interface; improved its “compilation hook”; and fixed an issue that affected the way the code is adhered to in the solution maintenance green screen.

API Detective tracks API code that is not compatible with OpenAPI.

Remain has also delivered a new version of its API Studio, which helps IBM i stores develop and manage API connections to existing software.

The big news in API Studio version 3.0.1 is the introduction of API Detective. According to Remain, the API sleuth will find and alert you automatically if there is an error in your specification. All you have to do is press the “detective” icon on the API Studio screen, and API Detective will tell you if your specification conforms to OpenAPI best practices.

API Detective can validate various parts of the API specification, including schema, paths, and validation of operations; operating parameters; responses to the operation; and comprehensive and operational responses.

The company also unveiled version 7 of Gravity, its cross-platform project management and workflow system. Gravity is designed to help developer teams collaborate and get more work done, while saving time and money. The new version of Gravity targets Xref, the cross-platform cross-reference engine.


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