Teacher stoppage of work due to insurance premiums shuts down Anderson schools

About 100 district teachers have called back every day since Friday.

ANDERSON, Ind. – Anderson Community Schools may close again on Thursday. They were closed for a third day on Wednesday with no online learning opportunity because they don’t have enough teachers. The district is struggling to find a compromise with teachers who want higher pay and lower insurance premiums. In the meantime, parents fear their child will be caught in the middle.

About 100 district teachers have called back every day since Friday.

13News spoke to a relative who worked at Erskine Elementary School and did not want to be identified. She found out in the middle of the day on Tuesday that her child’s teacher was not at school. Another staff member was teaching the student due to a lack of teachers.

“They were just babysitters, glorified babysitters. They weren’t learning, they weren’t teaching,” the parent said.

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Students learned online Friday because of the endowment. On Wednesday, the neighborhood closed altogether.

“I absolutely love them [teachers]. i don’t want them [students] to lose a teacher who really cares, ”the parent told 13News.

Teachers send message demanding lower insurance premiums.

“I support them 100%. They deserve what they need to be paid for, and if they don’t get it from here, guess what? They’re going to move to another district. I don’t want that to happen, I do not do it.”

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In response, the district offered an additional $ 2,000 in salary and $ 10,000 in stipends over the next two years.

“It should be more. It really should be more, like at least eight to ten percent more,” the parent said.

The district, the Anderson Teachers’ Federation and the state will meet on Thursday.

Superintendent Dr. Joe Cronk issued the following statement:

“We are disappointed that these teachers choose to do this because it harms our parents and our students. We appreciate the vast majority of staff who have continued to come to work as we continue the negotiation process with the Anderson Federation of Teachers. “

For now, the district plans to hold the school on Thursday. However, Anderson Schools could be closed again as they still have a relatively low number of teachers.

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