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When you go on vacation, the last thing you want to do is cut your trip short. If this happens, it’s usually because of illness, injury, or other issues like extreme weather conditions or a sudden family emergency at home.

Travel interruptions can be costly, especially if you need to book last minute flights home and are losing deposits on non-refundable bookings. This is where travel insurance can be a saving grace.

Reasons why travelers are shortening their trips

The most common reasons for trip interruption are sudden injury or illness (to you or a traveling companion) while traveling. The other most common reasons are inclement weather en route or at destination, a death in the family, or a life-threatening situation at home.

“There are many other less common problems, such as a traffic accident at the start of your trip (causing you to miss your cruise or flight), or an assault during a trip,” observes Scott Adamski, spokesperson for AIG. . To travel.

How Travel Insurance Can Help

There are two ways in which Trip Interruption Benefits may apply when you need to end a trip early:

  • Trip Interruption Benefits will reimburse you for unused, prepaid, non-refundable travel expenses, such as airline tickets, hotel nights, and pre-booked side excursions, if your trip is interrupted by unexpectedly while you’re in transit, Adamski says.
  • If you are already at your destination and need to return home, your benefits will cover the associated expenses.

You can find trip interruption benefits in any comprehensive travel insurance plan.

What if you were on a cruise ship?

In most cases, the same basic rules apply to cruises, Adamski explains: If you need to disembark your cruise earlier, for a reason covered by the trip interruption coverage of the travel insurance policy, you can be reimbursed for any unused, prepaid, non-refundable travel expenses.

“In this scenario, the ship has already left port, so the costs of the cruise, themselves, cannot be considered” unused “but other expenses, such as shore excursions which do not ‘had not yet taken place, can be covered, “he explains.

Of course, check your policy rules, as all plans have exclusions.

If you need to book a last minute return flight, this cost may be covered (although it is more expensive than the cost of the original return flight).

Consult the list of reasons for travel interruption

A travel insurance policy will have lists of reasons that will be covered, and you may find that the “Trip Cancellation” and “Trip Interruption” coverages have different lists, but there is some overlap.

For example, Adamski says that AIG Travel Guard’s basic travel insurance plans have 20 different unforeseen events that could be reimbursed for trip interruption benefits.

Additionally, AIG Travel offers two optional upgrades (Pet Bundle and Security Bundle) that would give you additional covered reasons for a Trip Interruption claim.

What about the “Cancel for Any Reason” coverage?

CFAR ‘Cancel for Any Reason’ coverage is an upgrade that offers a refund if you cancel a trip before you go for any reason not listed in the basic policy. CFAR gives you great latitude to cancel your trip and not lose all of your money. It usually provides a reimbursement of 75% of your travel expenses.

But you usually need to cancel the trip at least two days before your departure date to make a CFAR claim. Once your trip is underway, “cancellation for any reason” coverage does not apply.

It’s harder to find, but some packages offer “trip interruption” for some reason, for example:

  • C&F Travel Insured International Global Travel Protection Plan
  • Travel LX from iTravelInsured: This package provides for “discontinue for any reason” with “cancel for any reason” and reimburses 75% of the cost of the trip.
  • Nationwide Cruise Universal, Choice and Luxury Packages
  • Seven Corners RoundTrip Basic and RoundTrip Choice packages

If you are interested in “interruption for any reason” coverage, make sure you know the rules for making a claim. For example, with C&F Travel Insured International’s Worldwide Trip Protector plan, you can make a claim if your trip was interrupted 72 hours or more after your departure date. Reimbursement is 75% of your additional travel costs (due to travel reduction, such as airline tickets) and money you lose on unused, non-refundable portions of your trip.

Also determine if you really need “interruption for any reason” coverage. Check the list of reasons covered by the plan for Standard Trip Interruption Insurance. You may find that the list is sufficient. This usually includes illness or injury, evacuation at your destination, strike, hurricane warning, terrorist incident, being forced to return to work, and more.

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