US lawmakers warn Apple against using Chinese group’s chips in new iPhone

Marco Rubio, the Republican vice chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, and Michael McCaul, the top Republican on the Overseas Home Affairs Committee, said they were entangled after a media document that Apple may add Yangtze Reminiscence Applied sciences Co. to its supplier list. in Nand.

Conservative officials have warned Apple that it faces a serious congressional investigation if the California-based organization obtains memory chips from a dodgy Chinese semiconductor maker for the new iPhone 14.

Republican lawmakers have told Apple it will face a tough congressional investigation if the California-based company buys memory chips from a semiconductor maker with questionable Chinese terminology for the iPhone 14. further accused Beijing of assisting the YMTC in approaches that could help place the “national hero”. “Heading the right path to dominating the arena selling undervalued chips as China finished in exclusive regions due to the image representing the voltaic power sector.

Underscoring the YMTC’s importance to China, President Xi Jinping visited the organization in 2018 after Washington imposed extreme limitations on Huawei and ZTE, another Chinese telecoms hardware maker.

Apple has reportedly licensed 3D NAND flash produced by Yangtze Memory Technologies Corp. and could now use it for its upcoming iPhone 14 smartphones. The stream represents a significant win for YMTC and could ensure a steady delivery of flash memory for Apple’s next technology products.

“We cannot allow Chinese companies to take credit for the communist use of our telecommunications networks and the thousands and thousands of people’s iPhones,” Rubio added.

Apple has indicated that it is no longer considering using YMTC chips in the iPhone outside of China. YMTC has close ties with the Chinese Communist Party and the military. He said each buyer’s know-how stored on the Nand chips used by the company was “surely encrypted”.

The Financial Times reported in April that the White House and Commerce Department were reviewing claims that YMTC violated US export control guidelines by offering chips to Huawei, the Chinese vernacular telecommunications tool group.

Senate Democratic Majority Leader Chuck Schumer personally spoke about his deliberations with Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo regarding the YMTC.

Along with James Risch, the senators said the YMTC should be placed on an “entity checklist” because of its violation of export management protocols by facilitating memory chips to Huawei.

In 2012, Samsung developed the world’s first 3D NAND flash memory chip, replacing the 2D NAND chip first invented by Toshiba in 1. 3D NAND technology refers to the ability to stack memory cells vertically. The greater the number of layers, the greater the storage capacity of a chip.

Many people familiar with the technique cited that lawmakers had petitioned Apple in recent months to be concerned about the YMTC hypothesis, but got no response. Apple has not addressed congressional investigations.

Apple’s complaint stems from the certainty that the Biden administration is stepping up its actions to make it difficult for China to stockpile modern know-how. US officials recently informed Nvidia and Superior Micro Units – US chipmakers – that they need to obtain specific licenses to sell advanced processors used for AI functions to Chinese companies.

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