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June 25, 2021

Hibbett Sports detailed yesterday at its investor conference the many ways it differentiates its omnichannel offering by elevating the post-purchase experience.

“The post-purchase experience is just as important as a pre-purchase experience,” said Bill Quinn, senior vice president of marketing and digital. “If the customer has a bad post-purchase experience, they won’t come back. The post-purchase experience tends to be less focused and is an area that typically lacks investment. We see this as an opportunity. “

A big part of the post-purchase experience is communication. WISMO (where my order is) is usually the primary customer service communication request.

“Customers want as much information as possible,” Quinn said. “We keep our customers informed every step of the way via email and SMS. Customers are notified when the item ships, if the item is delayed, when the item is delivered, and finally, we send them each a survey to see how their experience went.

Besides communication, Hibbett’s post-purchase goal is to make it as easy for customers to resolve any issues as possible. Customers can reach the retailer’s customer service team “however they want”, including by phone, email, chat or text message.

Customers can also get their questions answered through an AI-powered chatbot or go online to use the chain’s “extended self-service tools”. Those options include the ability to cancel their own orders, which Mr Quinn said is “something most retailers don’t do.”

Other extra steps that Hibbett’s takes around customer service that usually comes after purchase is a callback option. Customers with a wait when they call can request a callback to save time.

Finally, Hibbett offers free returns as well as package insurance on all purchases. “It gives customers peace of mind when it comes to damaged, lost or stolen items,” Quinn said.

Attention to the post-purchase shopping experience is part of an effort to reduce the friction associated with online shopping as much as possible. Mr Quinn said: “The less friction, the more premium the experience and the more the experience is differentiated from others who have more friction in their business. “

DISCUSSION QUESTIONS: Do you agree that the post-purchase experience is just as important as the pre-purchase experience? What are typically the biggest sticking points in the post-purchase experience?


“The post-purchase experience is extremely important, especially for rush deliveries and highly coveted purchases. “

“A big part of e-commerce success is based on post-purchase reviews and comments. “

“The post-purchase experience is an amplifier of the respect shown by the retailer or the brand towards the customer.”


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